Fashion Styling: A pair of trousers for many occasions

Whether as an indispensable garment during pregnancy, skiing, painting or piece of design, the dungarees is and remains a cult object.

It is invented in the U.S., which initially served as work clothes dungarees for farmers and farm workers. In addition, offered a large pocket on the front space to store your tools and instruments.

Today, the overalls have long been their way into the fashion world found. Besides the classic version with chest pocket and side, buttons can be found in boutiques and models in which the bib can be separated by a zipper. For women in particular variants with very short legs are currently fashionable. This variant emphasizes beautiful legs while still ensuring a high level of comfort. Men should rather pay attention to the traditional long form. Access best overalls with deep crotch. It looks casual and preventing discomfort in the crotch.

If you are expecting a child, the dungarees offers the advantage of an adjustable length. Also for children in preschool and primary school age is the classic dungarees a good choice. She makes every move and ensures that belly and back remain warm.

Of course, you make the dungarees still in everyday work again: Painters wear white overalls, installers pull dark blue models, and racers put on a fireproof pant with bib. In skiing, a variant has prevailed with long zip, wherein the carrier each time must be re-opened and closed again.One thing is certain, the dungarees has its place not only in trade, but also obtains in the fashion world. A timeless piece of clothing, which perfectly combine function and fashion!

Fashion jewellery – Rings

They are known since ancient times. For example, one of the most popular types of rings is the Poison Ring. He has just fill a container, which can be opened out to poison or other liquids. In this way, everyone could inconspicuously get the poison into the food or the drink. Signet rings were used also in ancient Egypt as stamp seals in order to confirm the authenticity of a document. Therefore, when you make your choice for jewellery, do not forget the rings.

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